Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some common questions people have when thinking of joining. If you have any other questions, please let us know - see the Contact Us page for details.

How do I join and how much is it?

You can email using the ‘contact us’ section on the main home page. Membership is £35 per year.

Can I join if I only want to do duathlons as I don't like swimming?

Yes. We have members who only do duathlons and a few who concentrate on only one discipline.

Do you cater for all ability levels?

Yes. Every year we get absolute beginners to multi sport; we also have members who represent GB.

Do you do open water swim training?

Yes. In the summer there are weekend sea swims off Seaburn or South Shields.

How far/fast do you go on a club ride? I'm afraid I will not be able to keep up.

Club rides can vary from 30 to 60+miles. We usually go along at 15-18 mph, sometimes splitting into two groups of different abilities. We will all start together and ride as one group to get out of Herrington then split depending on how many riders there are. No one will ever be left behind, sometimes rides will get wound up and stretched out but will always regroup at the next major junction or turn.

I don't have an expensive bike with carbon wheels, is this a problem?

We won't judge anyone on kit or equipment, a drop bar bike made of any material is fine. A helmet is compulsory.

How much is it to swim?

Your first swim is free! If you come back then it’s £5 per session for non members, and then £3.50 per session once you are a member.